A Piece of the cake

A Piece of the Cake

Vanuatu, 2016, 74 min.
Production: All for Wan Smolbag Theatre
Language: Bislama
Format: DCP

Script: Joanne Dorras
Director: Peter Walker
DoP: Francis Wai, Danny Marcel
Editors: Peter Walker, Francis Wai
Composer: Loic Taga
Producer: Wan Smolbag Theatre
Cast: Noel Aru, Michael Maki, Morinda Tari, Sese Kalkaua

Life in Vanuatu is hard for Timothy and his family. There is hope when the candidate of the party he supports becomes a minister, but Timothy is not the only supporter looking for work.

Peter Walker / Wan Smolbag Theatre
After completing Acting School in London, Peter Walker moved to Zimbabwe in 1984. With his partner Jo Dorras he started a touring theatre group; in 1989 they founded the Wan Smolbag Theatre in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Numerous shorts and features since 1994
2006–2014 Love Patrol (TV series)