Egyptian Jeanne D’arc


Egypt, Germany, Kuwait, Qatar, 2016, 85 min.
Production: Nomad’s Home Production, Linked Productions
Language: English & Arabic
Format: DCP

Script: Iman Kamel
Director: Iman Kamel
DoP: Ute Freund
Editor: Klaudia Begic
Composer: Frieder Butzmann
Producers: Talal Al-Muhanna & Iman Kamel
Cast: Nahla Sebaei, Reem Hatem, Sara Hassan, Salma El Tarzi, Dina El Wedidi, Nada Hasan

A hybrid film that melds documentary with mythic story elements, poetic narration and dance to convey the true stories of resistance by Egyptian women since the outbreak of the revolution in 2011.

Iman Kamel
Born in Egypt. MA from The Fletcher School at Tufts University in Boston, USA, and interdisciplinary studies in art, dance and film at Berlin University of Arts.

2010 Nomad’s Home (feature) w
2006 The Clouds are There (short)
2004 Nachiket (short)
2002 Hologram (short)
1997 Khadega (short)
1995 Noara (short)