Dark Skull


Bolivia, Qatar, 2016, 80 min.
Production: Socavón Cine
Language: Spanish
Format: DCP

Script: Kiro Russo, Gilmar Gonzales
Director: Kiro Russo
DoP: Pablo Paniagua
Editors: Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua
Composer: Kano
Producer: Pablo Paniagua
Cast: Julio Cesar Ticona, Narciso Choquecallata, Rolando Patzi, Anastasia Daza Lopez

When Elder Mamaní’s father dies, he goes to live with his grandmother in the mining city, Huanuni. His godfather Francisco gives him a job, but Elder soon messes up. Then he finds out Francisco’s secret…

Kiro Russo
Born in La Paz in 1984. Director, producer and scriptwriter. Studied directing in Buenos Aires. Russo’s earlier works have a close relationship to his first feature-length film “Dark Skull”.

2016 Dark Skull
2015 New Life (short)
2012 Juku (short)
2010 Enterprisse (short)