Italy, 2017, 14 min.
Production: Dimago, Raining Films
Language: Italian
Format: DCP

Script: Giuseppe Garau
Director: Giuseppe Garau
DoP: Federico Torres
Editor: Giuseppe Garau
Composer: Eugenio Mazzetto
Producer: Andrea Scaglione
Cast: Milena Vukotic, Giulia Luna Mazzarino, Paolo Graziosi

Sara, a pizza delivery girl, falls into a world of wonders, fiction and deadly dangers.

Giuseppe Garau
Born in Sardegna in 1986. Raised in Sassari, he moved to Rome at the age of 18. He completed his studies in Torino, where he starts a career in professional film editing.

2017 Seven Pizzas (short)
2016 A Simple Story (doc.)
2015 Glasses (short)
2014 Brevi storie sulla Torres (doc.)