France, Saudi Arabia, 2016 , 14 min.
Production: So Freakantastik
Language: Arabic
Format: MOV file

Script: Saad Bin Mohammed
Director: Hisham Abdel Khalek, Saad Bin Mohammed
DoP: Nidal Abdul Khalek
Editor: Mounir Haydamouse
Composer: Jahida Wehbe
Producers: Hisham Abdel Khalek, Olivier Delesse, Saad Bin Mohammed
Cast: Darine Hamze, Charbel Ziade, Tania Assi, Ahmad Sayyed, Fadia Abi Chahine, Heba Abdel Ghany, Nicolas Mouawad

Only poisonous fruit come from bad seeds.

Hisham Abdel Khalek
Born in Giza in 1979. Multi award-winning Egyptian producer, director and scriptwriter who lives between Paris and New York. He has produced and directed numerous shorts, as well as opera and stage

2016 Behind the I (short)
2016 A Footnote in Ballet History ? (doc)
2015 O My Son (short)

Saad Bin Mohammed
Award-winning Saudi writer and painter, with an education in medicine and business 2016 Менен кейін!.. (қ/м)ry corpus includes “Me…!” (2003), “Me, once again…!” (2006), “Behind the I…!” (2013).

2016 Behind the I (short)