Russia (Republic of Sakha / Yakutia), 2016, 85 min.
Production: Saidam Baryl
Language: Yakut
Format: DCP

Script: Dmitri Davydov
Director: Dmitri Davydov
DoP: Ivan Semenov
Production Design: Sergei Sleptsov
Composer: Moisei Kobyakov
Producer: Sardana Savvina
Cast: Alexei Ustinov, Nikolai Soldatov, Radislav-Kudai Zakharov, Feodosiya Ivanova

A young guy who kills his friends in an accident commits suicide. The fathers of both guys decide how they should get on with life. One tries to forget and live the rest of his life with a conscience. Another cannot cope with the grief and develops hatred and thirst of revenge.

Dmitri Davydov
Born in village Amga, Republic Sakha (Yakutia). Trained as teacher for elementary school and works as headmaster. He took an interest in film, shooting amateur clips with teenagers. “Bonfire” is his debut.