Russia, 2016, 17 min.
Production: Zagranitsa Production
Language: English
Format: DCP Digital File
Script: Kira Chesalina

Director: Kira Chesalina
DoP: Veronica Solovieva
Editor: Kira Chesalina
Composer: Music by Gustav Mahler, sound Alexandra Kanapina
Producer: Kira Chesalina
Cast: Darya Kazakova, Maria Bochkareva, Max Shvedov

A nymphomaniac follows the man she loves, too shy to talk to him. She lives in her closed world until she meets an uninhibited blond girl, who destroys the rules of her inner world.

Kira Chesalina
Born in 1988. She has directed amateur stage performances and music clips. In 2016 completed the Moscow School of New Cinema and made the short “Eva”.