Iran, 2017, 80 min.
Production: Zahra Hashemi
Language: Farsi
Format: DCP

Script: Alireza Tavakoli Bina, Zahra Hashemi
Director: Alireza Tavakoli Bina
Editor: Sarah Tavakoli Bina
Composer: Saeed Shahram
Producer: Zahra Hashemi

Kelileh and Demneh are two young jackals. The drama starts in the middle of a rainy night when the horrified owl pays a visit to the king of the jungle to report about the excessive hunting he had witnessed.

Alireza Tavakoli Bina
Born in 1962 in Tehran. Studied Computer-Aided Design in the US and UK. He has directed a number of short films and TV series. He has published more than 40 children books, which won him a UNES CO Prize.