France, 2016, 90 min.
Production: Institut Lumière
Language: France
Format: DCP

Script: Thierry Frémaux
Director: Thierry Frémaux
DoP: Louis Lumière
Editors: Thierry Frémaux, Thomas Valette, Fabrice Calzettoni, Maëlle Arnaud
Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns
Producers: Bertrand Tavernier, Thierry Frémaux

A journey into the universe of the founders of cinema, narrated by Freémaux with passion and humour, the film delivers unforgettable images and a unique view of France at the dawn of the modern era.

Thierry Frémaux

Born in Tullins Fures in 1960. Graduated in Contemporary History from Lumière University Lyon 2. Artistic director of the Institut Lumière and of the Cannes Film Festival.

2016 Lumière! (doc., producer)
2010 Vicious Circle (short, doc., producer)
2007 Pre-cinema and Magic Lanterns (short, doc., producer)