Germany, 2016, 97 min.
Production: Indi Film
Languages: German, English
Format: DCP

Script: Jens Becker und Uta Kolano
Director: Dominik Wessely
DoP: Knut Schmitz
Editing: Anja Pohl
Composer: Franziska Henke
Producer: Arek Gielnik
Cast: Flora Thiemann, Julia Richter, Kai Lentrodt, Gustav Peter Wöhler, Hannes Höchsmann, Hagi Lăcătuş, Raisa Mihai, Marcel Costea, George Piştereanu, Rona Hartner, Paulina Hilla, Konrad Kohlhaas

13-year-old Nelly’s holiday in Romania takes a dramatic turn when she discovers that her family plans to relocate there. She runs away, but walks into the hands of kidnappers who try to destroy her father’s business. With the help of two young Roma siblings, Nelly makes an adventurous escape.

Dominik Wessely
Born in 1966 and raised in Munich, he now works in Berlin. His documentaries have been shown at film festivals all over the world. From 2008–2013 Wessely was professor for documentary filmmaking at the International Film School Cologne. “Nelly’s Adventure” is his debut fiction film.

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