Spain, 2017, 93 min.
Production: De Verbena
Language: Spanish
Format: DCP

Script: Felipe Vara de Rey, Hugo Mas
Director: Felipe Vara de Rey
DoP: Roberto San Eugenio, Federico Cesca
Editor: Noel Rayo
Composer: Victor Magro
Producer: Tasio Ovejero
Cast: Antonio Mayans, Felipe Vara de Rey, Andres Lima, Antonio de Cos, Juli Mira,
Isabel Rodes, Chani Martin, Ascen Lopez, Roberta Pasquinucci, Jonathan Suko Peña

A group of 5 friends meet during the weekend of the Spanish presidential election in December 2015 – a crucial moment for the country and in the lives of the friends. They have to make a decision that could shake the foundations of their existence.

Felipe Vara de Rey
Award-winning cinematographer and director. Born in Madrid in 1979, he
is currently developing his career in New York City, where he moved in 2011
to pursue NYU ’s Graduate Film program. He has been a Fulbright Scholar and
recipient of a Steven J. Ross Fellowship.