South Korea, 2016, 93 min.
Production: b films
Language: Korean
Format: DCP

Script: Park Ki-yong
Director: Park Ki-yong
DoP: Ogawa Tsutomu
Editor: Park Ki-yong
Composer: Nagashima Hiroyuki
Producer: Park Ki-yong
Cast: Kang Hye-uen, Jung Jae-yoon

Shot in real time, the film follows first a student on her way to a tutoring job, only to find nobody at home, and then a young man who has gotten involved in a bad situation.

Park Ki-yong
Born in 1961. Filmmaker, Director of the Korea Academy of Film Arts, Vice Dean of AFA and Festival Director for Cinema Digital Seoul. Head of directing education at the Graduate School of Cinematic Content at Dankook University.

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