Kazakhstan, Germany, 2016, 88 min.
Production: Company KINO, Robert Bosch Foundation, Shyngys Kulzhanov
Languages: Kazakh, Russian
Format: HD

Scriptwriter: Katerina Suvorova
Director: Katerina Suvorova
DoP: Evgeni Shlegel
Composer: Eldar Tagi
Producers: Sain Gabdullin, Stefan Grobe

A journey along the coast of the Aral Sea, which exists no more. The sea has withdrawn, but the people have stayed. The locals say: “Every fifty years the people are renewed, every hundred years the ground regenerates”.

Katerina Suvorova
Born in Belogorsk, Amur region, in 1983. Graduated from the Art school in Almaty. She learnt documentary filmmaking at the Higher Courses for Directors and Scriptwriters in Moscow and at the Rogue Film School of Werner Herzog in LA. She has received prizes of Russian and European film festivals.

2016 Sea Tomorrow
2014 Mediastan (in co-authorship with Julian Assange)
2007 Superfluous Fortress
2006 Two Bicycles