Kyrgyzstan, 2016, 40 min.
Production: Kyrgyz School of Cinematic Art and Television
Language: Kyrgyz
Format: MP4

Script: Akyikat Askarov
Director: Akyikat Askarov
DoP: Jandos Djoldoshev, Marat Sarulu
Editor: Azat Mamunov
Composer: Sergey Cheremisinov
Producer: Akyikat Askarov
Cast: Temirlan Atamirzaev, Nurdin Sultanbai uulu, Eldar Otogenov, Alisher Bolot uulu, Orozbek Islamov

In a village on Lake Issyk-Kul an eighthgrader suffers constant bullying from the high-school students. He makes a bet to swim across the lake against the leader of older boys.

Akyikat Askarov
Born in Naryn. Studied. Graduated in 2011 from the Institute of Architecture and Design. In 2015 graduated as director from Kyrgyz Higher School of Cinema and TV .

2016 The Bet (diploma)