France, 2017, 11 min.
Language: French
Format: DCP

Script: Nathalia Konchalovsky
Director: Nathalia Konchalovsky
DoP: Alexandra De Saint Blanquat
Editor: Gabriel Vialett
Composer: Oliver Patrice Weder
Producer: Cyril Tallieu
Cast: Ava Lefevre-Viala

It’s late. The family dinner is almost over. Fanny, 7 years old, is the only child at the table… The most important is not to fall asleep.

Nathalia Konchalovsky
Russian-born, Nathalia Konchalovsky had grown up in Moscow before moving to France in 2009 where she has been living since. She worked at several film festivals and production companies before shooting her first short movie in 2014, “Brazil”.

2014 Brazil (short)