China, 2017, 118 min.
Production: Yellow-Green Pi, Coolie Films
Language: Chinese Hunan Dialect
Format: DCP

Script: Huang Ji, Ryuji Otsuka
Directors: Huang Ji, Ryuji Otsuka
DoP: Ryuji Otsuka
Editor: Liao Chingsung
Composer: Lim Giong
Producers: Hsu Hiaoming, Ruby Chen,
Ryuji Otsuka
Cast: Yao Honggui, Yao Fang, Xiao Liqiao,
Huang Zifang

Lynn grew up with her grandparents and is under pressure from her mother to get into university. Her friendship with May is her only outlet. Together, the girls sell stolen phones. One day Lynn’s mother returns home.

Huang Ji
Born in Hunan Province, she studied screenwriting at Beijing Film Academy from 2003–2007. Her feature directorial debut, “Egg and Stone”, won the Hivos Tiger Award at Rotterdam IFF .

2017 The Foolish Bird
2013 Trace
2012 Egg and Stone
2010 The Warmth of Orange Peel (short)
2005 Underground (doc.)

Ryuji Otsuka
Born in Tokyo in 1972, he began making documentaries for Japanese television. In 2005 he relocated to China where he began making his own films and worked as

2017 The Foolish Bird
2014 Beijing Ants
2013 Trace
2009 Lingling’s Garden