R. of China, 1934, 82 min.
Production: Lianhua Film Company
Language: silent
Format: DCP

Script: Wu Yonggang
Director: Wu Yonggang
DoP: Hong Weilie
Composer: Zou Ye (2014)
Producer: Li Minwei
Cast: Ruan Lingyu, Li Keng, Zhang Zhihi, Li Junpan

Ruan Lingyu, a star of early Chinese cinema, performs the ‘goddess’ (a euphemism for a prostitute). Desperate to provide for her young son, she is forced to take vengeance on her pimp.

The print is newly restored by China Film Archive.

Wu Yonggang
Born in Shanghai in 1907. Started his career as set designer. “The Goddess” (1934) was his first film of this most prolific director. He passed away in 1982.

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